fredag 15 oktober 2010

Grafitti Mariestad 2010

This summer there has been an interesting art project going on in Mariestad, the town where I live. The town's city council decided to hire an artist, Carolina Falkholt, and let her decorate the silo down in the harbour. This huge building used to be big and ugly, but now it is big and... kind of beautiful. Carolina Falkholt is one very talented woman, let me tell you. A lot of these grafitti paintings she did herself, others were done by other artists that she invited. But what's more, even ordinary people who live in Mariestad, or people who just happened to be in the area at the time, were also allowed to spray away at the walls. Of course, me and my family took the opportunity...

Now I would like to share a couple of photos with you guys. Please enjoy. Soon, photos will be all that remain of this event. The silo will be demolished during this fall, to give room for new houses and buildnings that probably won't be quite as colorful.

The activity down in the harbour made a lot of people curious...

This one is my favorite...

This car belongs to the artist herself, Carolina Falkholt.

A beautiful eye

Another beautiful eye

Pretty cool, huh?

This one gets my imagination going...

L - my pride and joy

L and me

L feeling creative

I väntan på ålderdom...
(Swedish for "Awaiting growing up/aging").

5 kommentarer:

  1. These are soooo nice...I LOVE graietti!!! We have lots of beautiful works of art here randomly...

    Your son is soo handsome :)

  2. wow. that is realy cool...i am a fan of graffiti too...there are such artists out there...

  3. Oh that looks like a lot of fun. What a cool idea and such cool interpretations.

  4. Wow Jo, thanks for sharing these pictures with us. There's some great talent there & your son is a little cutie. I share your like for the 2nd picture of the barren, dark trees. It's nice that these graffiti artists have somewhere that they can express themselves through their art. Fantastic!